The narthex is a place of welcome—a threshold space between the congregation’s space and the outside environment. The gathering space helps believers to make the transition from everyday life to the celebration of the liturgy, and after the liturgy, it helps them return to daily life to live out the mystery that has been celebrated.

– Excerpt from “Built of Living Stones” Environment and Art Document of the USCCB

The call to discipleship, inherent in Baptism, finds its expression through ministerial involvement. God’s people respond to the invitation of the Holy Spirit to identify and offer their gifts for the building up of the Body of Christ.

The Ministers who serve in hospitality roles are the first contact for those arriving. They are the “doors,” offering an open invitation to gather as active participants in our communal celebration.

Hospitality Ministers

Greeters arrive about twenty minutes prior to the liturgy and welcome parishioners as they approach the church. They may assist with the doors and the distribution of worship aids. Their goal is to foster an atmosphere of warm hospitality and a climate of intimacy and comfort.

Greeters are assigned with consideration for their Mass preference and availability.


Ushers are signs of familiarity and stability for the worshiping community. Extending hospitality imitates God’s gracious welcome and furthers the assembly’s ability to worship. Ushers serve with discretion, creating an atmosphere conducive to prayer and worship. Their role is one of hosting with warmth, friendship, respect, and with a true attitude of service.

Ushers arrive about twenty minutes prior to Mass and help seat assembly members as they arrive. Ushers find individuals or families to present the gifts, and assist them at the offertory. Ushers take up the collection, guide the Communion procession, and distribute bulletins as they warmly wish parishioners a good week.

Those serving in this ministry may be called upon to help parishioners in case of an illness or emergency, so a calm and comforting personality is a plus. The ability to work with others is an asset in this ministry since ushers serve together as part of a ministry team.

Ushers receive initial training on hospitality, the flow of the liturgy, and responsibilities and procedures for their ministry. Ushers are expected to dress in a modest and respectful manner.

Ushers are assigned with consideration for their Mass preference and availability.