Altar Server (Acolyte)


“Serving at the Eucharistic table and at the various liturgical celebrations, you draw directly ‘from the wells of salvation’ the strength necessary to live well today and then also to face your future more energetically.”

– Blessed Pope John Paul II

  • An Altar Server is a member of the assembly who assists the priest and deacon during the Eucharist and other liturgical ceremonies so that the liturgy can be conducted with grace and reverence.
  • Servers should be active and full participants in the celebration with the understanding that they are first and foremost members of the assembly. The server expresses this by singing, praying and keeping silence along with the rest of the assembly.
  • Servers are fully initiated Catholics who have received the Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion. Servers normally receive our Lord in the Holy the Eucharist whenever they participate in the Sacred Liturgy. Additionally, servers are expected to be appropriately prepared, committed to giving their time and talent to their parish community, and willing to serve God’s people. They should be able to understand the Eucharistic celebration and the other sacred rites.

What are the expectations for Altar Servers?

There are several things that are expected of each of the altar servers at Ss. Cosmas & Damian as they serve our parish community in the Paschal Mysteries of Christ:

  • Servers are expected to arrive at church no later than 15 minutes prior to mass.
  • Servers are expected to fulfill their scheduled times to serve at mass.
  • Servers are expected to find their own replacement if he/she is not able to fulfill his/her required time to serve for whatever reason.
  • Servers are expected to dress appropriately for all liturgies. This means no sandals or sneakers while serving on the altar and wearing a cassock of appropriate length. Even though their regular clothing is covered by a cassock, it is expected their attire is modest and suitable to wear in church.
  • Servers are expected to pay attention to the priest during the mass and conduct his/her self in a respectable and reverent manner during the liturgy.

How are Altar Servers scheduled?

Altar servers are scheduled on a rotating basis throughout the year. A weekly schedule is provided on the inside flap of the weekly parish bulletin.

Who can become an Altar Server?

Altar servers are young girls and boys in 3rd through 12th grades who are baptized Catholics that have received their first Holy Communion. Training is provided to new altar servers and refresher training is provided at regularly scheduled intervals.

How can my son/daughter become an Altar Server?

If your son or daughter expresses an interest in serving Our Lord at the altar during Mass and you wish to have him/her enrolled as an altar server, please contact the parish rectory.